Our Locations


Our Locations

Based in Norrköping, Stockholm Bromma and Malmö

Our headquarter is located at Norrköping Airport, 160 km south of Stockholm. From here we serve most Scandinavian airports within an hour. Away from the crowded big city airports we can operate independently with full access to the airport 24/7.

This gives us an edge in terms of flexibility and minimum dispatch time from call to getting airborne. Still being fairly close to Stockholm we are able to beat most of the competition also on flights from and to Bromma and Arlanda, especially since one of our aircraft is based at Bromma. Our accredited maintenance facility is located at our bases in Norrköping and Bromma as well, giving us instant access to technical expertise.

Our third base is at Malmö Sturup airport, which makes a great complement. It is a geographically good location for small jet like our Citation CJ1, in an area of economical growth and, for a Swedish airport, the closest possible to the central parts of Europe. The airport, which is H24, is commonly used with all our aircraft so the hangar and office has shown to be very useful for our operations as a whole –  it’s a great place for a second home.