Aircraft Management

Your own Aircarft?

Let experienced professionals care for your aircraft
Sometimes it can be beneficiary to let competent professionals manage your aircraft. By outsourcing management operations to us you can save time, money and get access to know-how and experience. If you plan on flying your aircraft privately, it might be required by authorities to have operational support by an approved organization – we could provide that support.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy when hiring us to manage your fleet:

* >12 years of aircraft management experience at your service.
* Continued airworthiness with minimal downtime.
* Discounts on fuel and services.
* Enjoy the benefits of our fleet rate on your insurance.
* Benefit from our good relations with aircraft manufacturers and maintenance organizations.
* Maintenance and technical supervision.
* Scheduling and dispatch for aircraft operations.
* Consider the option of putting your aircraft on our AOC and enjoy the safety and solidity of an EU-OPS organization, not to mention the beneficial tax regulations associated with commercial operation.
* Access to our other aircraft when needed or when your own is on maintenance.
* If you like – put your aircraft out for charter, which may provide a substantial contribution margin. We have a large customer base ready to hop on board.
Finding the right aircraft for your needs while meeting demanding regulations can be a difficult and time-consuming process. We will assist in finding the best solution for you, whether used or new. We will of course also handle import and registration, select and train your crew, perform technical supervision and ensure continued airworthiness.